A shelter is helping keep pets safe

PITTSBURG, Kans. — The Southeast Kansas Humane Society is preparing for the Fourth of July.

Today the shelter held its first ever low cost microchip clinic for dogs and cats.

The shelter says the Fourth of July is when the most pets go missing because they are scared of fireworks.

“With Fourth of July all it takes is a barbecue party and somebody leaves the door open, right? Always make sure you’re going above and beyond especially with animals because there’s a fight and flight response and most time with flight for them is about 80 to 90%. Unfortunately with the Fourth of July it’s not a simple one and down firework it’s for hours and hours and so they will continue to run unfortunately,” said Jasmine Kyle, SEK Humane Society Director.

Kyle is asking families to keep pets in a bedroom during family barbecues to keep them safe.

Meanwhile the SEK Humane Society is waiving all dog adoption fees on June 18 and 19 because it is at full capacity.

This is the first time in four years the shelter is offering free adoptions to help its more than 60 dogs find forever homes.

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