Science Museum is teaching kids about conservation

JOPLIN, Mo. — A local science museum is celebrating World Oceans Day.

Today the “Creative Learning Alliance” in Joplin was open to the public and had exhibits and labs focused on conservation and the ocean.

Kids also learned about bioluminescence by creating glow in the dark jellyfish.

“Kids learn by doing so we want to give them real world hands on ways to do that. We are at critical mass with our oceans right now. So we have created experiments with an oil spill so that they will understand that. Conversations around jellyfish and what they mean to the ecosystem,” said Neely Myers, Creative Learning Alliance Project Coordinator.

The Creative Learning Alliance is open once a month for themed labs.

Next month the labs will be focused on “Explosion Exploration,” and August will be about the “Twists and Turns of Roller coasters.”

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