Joplin kids cast lines for a "reel" special day

JOPLIN, Mo. — Area seniors weren’t the only ones gone fishing on this day. So were 7th and 8th graders from Joplin North Middle School. They spent the day at the Walter Woods Conservation Area south of Joplin.

Members of the Missouri Department of Conservation helped those who’d never fished before to put bait in their hooks and cast their lines into the pond. Even though there are a lot of bodies of water in and around the Joplin area, many of these kids were fishing for the first time in their lives.

“And they’re fishing and they’re learning about animals and they’re having the opportunity to interact with nature and be respectful,” said Marcia Cannon, Joplin North Middle School Teacher.

In addition to learning about the natural world, she hopes some of them will want to spend more time out in nature instead of inside on the couch playing with their phones.

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