Carthage Chamber celebrates 90th birthday

CARTHAGE, Mo. — The year was 1932. Herbert Hoover was President and Amelia Earhart flew nearly 15 hours across the Atlantic Ocean.

It was also a big year in Carthage, marking the start of the Chamber of Commerce. The community gathered Thursday morning to celebrate its 90th birthday.

That included a long list of awards like the Small Business of the Year, Recognized Volunteers and Community Enhancement, also the Spotlight Award Winner.

The Chamber Director emphasized it’s no small effort to not only survive but thrive for 9 decades.

“So, it’s a testament not only to the businesses in the community but also to the community itself. To the residents who live here that support the businesses, and are listening and going in and shopping those businesses,” said Julie Reams, Carthage Chamber Director.

They wrapped up the celebration with cake and a free lunch in Central Park.

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