KCU Joplin hosts active shooter training for staff

JOPLIN, Mo.–Every year since 2011, Kansas City University has made an effort to train faculty and staff on safety measures, should there be an active shooter or threat on campus.

In light of recent mass shootings across the country, staff present at the active shooter drills said this training is more important now than ever before.

“Unfortunately, it’s become common to have gun violence in places like schools, universities, hospitals, churches…It’s critical,” said Katie Harden, Residency Placement Coordinator for the medical school.

For the simulation, KCU Joplin enlisted the help of Strategos International, to train their staff in various situations. When asked about the need for this kind of training, Strategos instructor Burt Whaley emphasized the value of this kind of training.

“It’s always important, shooting events are going to occur, and the more we’re trained, trained, and trained, the better we can respond to that. The better our situational awareness to what’s around us, not just in a school setting, not just in a business setting, but at a restaurant, at the movie theater, at the, you know, just entertainment areas, parks, things of that nature. All these principles can apply and how to respond to a threat or an active shooter,” Whaley said.

KCU staff were trained on various ways to disarm a shooter, barricade themselves, and escape when possible.

“I go back to training and that’s why I keep saying training and training…We’ve got to stay on top of it. and just working through it, staying situationally aware, imagining scenarios, not being paranoid that I’m not talking about being paranoid. paranoid will freeze you, but being trained and be situationally aware and cognitive of your surroundings,” Whaley said.

Jo Enscoe, Assistant Vice Provost of Student Services served in the military and said her military background prepared her for this kind of training.

“I feel I’m very responsible for every person in this building and that’s just part of my role. But I think is also my background. I really feel that you just don’t leave someone behind, and I would make sure everybody in here is protected.”

Others say this type of training is essential given recent shootings.

“Honestly, every adult should have some form of training like this,” said Harden.

KCU Joplin students are next to receive this training, which is set to happen sometime in mid-July.

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