'I Am Joplin' Art Replacement

JOPLIN, Mo. — A popular spot in downtown Joplin is now boasting a new kind of art display.

A brick wall at Sixth and Min is serving as a kind of outdoor art gallery. Four images are posted, for now, featuring Grand Falls, a sign for the Capri Motel, and Main Street itself.

While it’s similar to other public art installations like murals, the building’s owner plans to make a change in the artwork quarterly.

“You know, murals are wonderful. We love murals, but they stay the same. Which is part of their charm, but also once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it kind of thing. So this will be really neat because it will encourage you to check that block out when you come downtown every few months or something,” said Lori Haun, Downtown Joplin Alliance.

You can submit your own art for consideration in the revolving display.

We’ve got a link to that website here.

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