Riders of all ages take to Carthage over weekend

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Riders of all ages made their way to Carthage this weekend.

The Ozark Quarter Horse Association Horse Show made its return to the Lucky J Arena.

It’s the second set of five competitions for the organization this year.

Riders from the youth to amateur and open divisions competed over two days.

And while some of them were to earn points towards year-end awards and qualify for future competitions like the world shows, association vice president Steve Lyons says, many riders are there just for the fun of it.

“You have to have so many throughout the year to be able to qualify for the world shows, but a lot of people just show up for fun, like any kind of hobby,” says Lyons, “You’re developing yourself, but you’re also developing the animal, and that’s a process. These horses they become really good, they’re worth a lot of money, so that’s some end of it, they sell them, other people keep them forever, it’s a variation of what you want to do in the business.”

The next Ozark Quarter Horse Association competition will take place over three days next month from July 8th to the 10th.

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