Ministry helping people cope with loss

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A workshop is helping people cope with the loss of a loved one.

This weekend the Widowhood Workshop Ministry held a Living with Loss Workshop at the Carthage Church of Christ.

During the three day long workshop they discussed life, love and grief that comes after a spouse dies or a couple gets divorced.

The ministry started after founder Dean Miller lost his wife in 2013 and couldn’t find a support group.

“There is life after loss. That it really hurts with loss and we try to acknowledge that and encourage people to embrace the loss. Not let it define them, but we encourage people to kind of embrace that in their life absorb that in their life. Let it become a part of them, but not let it define them and try to find a meaningful life afterwards,” said Dean Miller, Founding Director of Widowhood Workshop Ministry.

Over the past seven years Widowhood Workshop Ministry has held more than 60 workshops in 17 different states.

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