Innovative Industries seeks to partner with local companies

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A unique facility in Carthage is working on a new product line made by a local company and they’d love to add more companies to their list.

Even though a company like the Marco Group in Neosho makes all the components for a product, in this case a chair. It can be cheaper to have someone else assemble them all into the finished product and package them up for transport. That’s where Innovative Industries of Carthage comes in.

Workers here assemble a variety of products together that are made by a host of different companies.

“So they send it to all the schools around here. They have all different colors of chairs, they even have the little pre school ones up into the office ones so we’ve been making all those.” said Maddy Barton, Supervisor, Innovative Industries.

Innovative Industries provides jobs for people with both physical and mental disabilities.

But this product line is an example just one local business that subcontracts with Innovative Industries. Others include H.E. Williams, Dyno Nobel, Pittsco, Midmark, Sugar Creek and K & S Wire. In some cases, like Schreiber Foods, they even send workers to the worksite.

Cammy Barton would love to work with other local businesses, who may never have heard of Innovative Industries. They’ve been in the Maple Leaf City since 1969.

“Yes, we would love that opportunity. We have very loyal employees; they show up to work every day. We have very high functioning employees that could do the job, but yes, we would love to have that opportunity,” said Cammy Barton, Innovative Industries Operations Manager.

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