Kansas students show kindness with pop tabs for RMDH

MOUND VALLEY, Kans. — Students from one area grade school shared some random acts of kindness today.

Fifth grade students from Mound Valley Elementary School took time out of their day today to donate pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. They also did some cleaning inside the facility.

Fifth grade teacher, Kristen Shaw, does this every year with her class.

The House holds a special place in her heart. She spent some time there in 2011, after her twin daughters were born prematurely — those daughters are now in her class. She says her goal is pretty simple.

“A goal in my classroom is to teach my kids kindness, and this may just be a small thing that they’re doing today, but I hope that’s something moving forward they’ll always look for ways they can show kindness and help others,” said Shaw.

“Some people might need more help. So it’s better to help people, and they help us back. So by helping them, we’re helping ourselves give more back to our community,” said Kerrsten Reed, Mound Valley Fifth Grade Student.

Shaw has brought her class to the House to volunteer for more than a decade now.

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