Joplin Police and Fire Dept. pay update

JOPLIN, Mo. — The City of Joplin continues to look at better ways to attract and retain public safety personnel. Monday night City Council held a work session to discuss public safety needs. The City is looking at a new pay plan for police officers.

The proposal would give a 10% pay increase for officers, 20% more for corporals and sergeants, 25% more for captains, and a 10% increase for assistant police chief and police chief.

The proposal for the fire department is a 10% pay increase for firefighters, EMTs, the deputy fire chief, and fire chief. 20% more for fire driver, fire captain, battalion chief, fire training chief, and fire marshall.

Dispatchers would get a 5% boost in pay.

The estimated cost of the plan is $1.8 million.

No decision was made on the proposal Monday night.

The point of the work session was to give Council members an opportunity to hear about the proposal, ask questions, and give feedback before it comes forward.

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