Galena Police recognized and awarded

GALENA, Kans. — A Southeast Kansas community is giving back to its local law enforcement. While many law enforcement agencies across the country have seen difficulties in recruiting and retaining officers — the city wants to show it’s behind the police department.

“It’s a tough job and they know what they’re getting into, but it’s nice to have that extra recognition to know that they’re supported, and encouraged, and backed by the community,” said Ashley Groves, Mayor of Galena.

The officers at the Galena Police Department were recognized for their hard work at Monday’s City Council meeting.

“They’re each going to receive a certificate of appreciation that was on behalf of the City, the Council and the Police Chief Billy Charles and then they’re each receiving a monetary fund,” said Groves.

This bonus isn’t coming from the City however — instead it’s coming from the Galena community itself. A local business owner donated $3,000 anonymously to help the officers for their consistent effort in the city.

“He has donated a small bonus for each officer that has been here for at least a year,” said Chief Charles. “He just wanted to try and give a little incentive to try and keep more officers here and maybe bring more officers in.”

Which will hopefully help the Department address an issue many law enforcement and first responder agencies are seeing across the country.

“Our department has ran real short, so the officers that have been here have worked long hours, have to be doing double duty sometimes, and just putting up with the everyday interactions with the public more than they should have. You got to be wanting to do it and have it in your heart to continue to do it,” said Chief Charles.

“It’s a tough profession to be in. We want to show them appreciation for their loyalty and all the service that they do,” said Mayor Groves.

After the awards and bonuses were given out, Mayor Groves took some time to thank Chief Charles for the work he puts in behind the scenes at the department.

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