Nonprofit working to combat marijuana use in teens

MIAMI, Okla. — A Northeast Oklahoma nonprofit is raising awareness about marijuana use among teenagers.

Tonight at the Miami Public Library “ROCMND Youth Services” held its “Coalition for Adolescent Marijuana Prevention Program.”

According to a recent report nearly 32% of 12th graders in Ottawa County have used marijuana.

The county is also ranked 8th in the state for marijuana misuse in teenagers.

“One thing we really talk about it potency. We hear a lot of people tell us its just pot or just marijuana. It’s really not just marijuana anymore the THC concentrate is a lot higher than say in the 70’s or the 80’s. So we are really educating parents about potency. We are educating parents about availability and where teens are accessing marijuana,” said Kim Horn, Ottawa County Prevention Coordinator for ROCMND Youth Services.

A $125,000 grant from the state will help the group combat marijuana misuse over the next four years.

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