Joplin Public Schools approve salary increases

JOPLIN, Mo. — There will be more pay for district employees.

The Joplin School Board approved a $1.4 million pay increase. They hope this new pay raise across the board helps with retention.

“Retention is big right now. Our society is a mobile society and people are looking at a lot of places to work. And we want people to be able to come to Joplin and feel good about what we offer for teachers and classified staff,” said Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Assistant Superintendent of Operations.

Tuesday night the Joplin School Board approved the salary increase. The Joplin Teachers Union (JNEA) and Joplin Support Staff Union (JESP) came up with the plan to help teachers and staff.

“We bargained a collective bargaining agreement. With the agreement we have working conditions and salary schedules. We ratified with our members and then we brought it to the Board and the Board approved it,” said Crystal Stokes, JNEA President.

Everyone in the district will be seeing an across-the-board raise based on category for the 2022-2023 school year.

“We’re very excited because we have an opportunity to pull in teachers from other districts. That hopefully will see since we have a bargain agreement we have benefits set in stone here in Joplin. We are the only bargain union in a 60 mile radius so we are excited about that,” said Stokes.

Substitute teachers will also be making ten dollars more a day which brings their new rate to $105.

“I’m really happy about what our administrative team put together and even more happier the working relationship we have with our unions and sitting down with them. A lot of the salary increases effect a lot of people both on the certified and classified side to help drive those salary increases,” said Dr. Sachetta.

This bargaining agreement is something the district does every year.

The new salary increase goes into effect on July first.

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