JPD GoFundMe donations nearing 6-digits

A GoFundMe webpage was created to benefit the families of the JPD Officers killed/injured in the line of duty in early March 2022. The fundraising goal set at $25,000 was far surpassed.

JOPLIN, Mo. — A GoFundMe webpage, created to raise money for the families of the JPD Officers killed/injured in early March, has more than tripled the fundraising goal.

The online donation page was created on March 9th by a member of the Southwest Missouri Fraternal Order of Police.

The official organization is working with the Joplin Police Officer’s Association to raise money online, through GoFundMe.

The initial fundraising goal was set at $25,000, but as of today (4/15) 486 donations have been received, totaling $91,009.


In the video clip below, Tom Bowin, Treasurer of the Southwest Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, talked about how supportive the local community has been, regarding the many fundraisers held in support of the Joplin Police Department.

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All of the money raised on the GoFundMe webpage goes to the Joplin Police Officer’s Association, which is affiliated with the Southwest Missouri Fraternal Order of Police.

Bowin said that because the crowdfunding webpage was set up by an official organization, it will ensure that all of the money raised on the site will go directly to the families of fallen JPD Corporal, Ben Cooper, fallen JPD Officer, Jake Reed and JPD Officer Rick Hirshey.

Tom Bowin, Treasurer of the S.W. MO Fraternal Order of Police, is wearing a blue polo shirt that features the Fraternal Order of Police Logo.

The three law enforcement officers were involved in a shooting with a suspect on March 8th, 2022, which claimed the lives of Corporal Cooper and Officer Reed.

Officer Hirshey was also shot that day, but survived and is now recovering from his injuries.

Bowin said he’s unsure how long the GoFundMe site will be active.

You can find a link the GoFundMe fundraiser site, supporting JPD, by going HERE.

GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding website where individual donations can be safely sent to a particular cause.

Another way to make a donation, Bowin added, is to contact the Joplin Police Department directly at (417) 623-3131, extension 1695.

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