Neosho thrift store supports no-kill shelter

NEOSHO, Mo. — Today, April 11th is National Pet Day. But if you don’t want to open your house to one of man’s best friends, there are a couple of ways of helping a southwest Missouri no-kill shelter.

Faithful Friends Animal Advocates receives proceeds from the sale of items at their thrift store in Neosho.

“Yes, some of them still have their tags on them that they came directly from Kohl’s or where ever,” said Nancy Burks, Co-Manager, Faithful Friends Thrift Store.

In all, Nancy says thrift store proceeds account for as much as about 40% of the facility’s operational budget. And if you didn’t even realize what’s in this building at 915 West Harmony, she says you may not be alone.

“Some times, you know, people just pass by and we do our building sets back off the street just a little and I think you know we don’t have a great big flashing neon sign so I think a lot of times people don’t realize that this a store in operation,” she said.

But if thrift store shopping isn’t your thing, she says you don’t even have to set foot inside the building to help the no-kill shelter, you can do so in the parking lot in front of the store.

“People can bring their empty pop cans, beer cans, and just dump them in the trailer in front of the store and then we also have a recycling bin in the back for the cardboard boxes,” Nancy added.

Simply put, Cynthia Leibbrand says the shelter couldn’t do what they do without the thrift store.

“We are a non-profit, so everything we have is either donated or what they sell at the thrift store, that money comes here to help us with any expense with the animal’s care from the moment they get here till they’re adopted,” said Cynthia, Director, Faithful Friends Animal Advocates Inc.

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