“Springtime in the Ozarks Cat Show” comes to Neosho

NEOSHO, Mo.–The Cat Fanciers Association is the world’s largest registry of pedigree cats. 

They came to Neosho on Saturday, to give breeders a chance to show off their animals.

“This is Longmire. his name’s Purrtopia Longmire. He’s a grand champion, and he’s an exotic shorthair,” said Lisa Thostensen, President of “Show-me cat fanciers’.

Thostensen put on Saturday’s cat show. She’s also the owner of Longmire, who’s been shown all across the country.

“And right now he’s ranking in the midwest region, top 25 cats so he should get a regional win this year since our show season ends on April 30th,” said Thostensen.

The Cat Fanciers association is equivalent to the American Kennel Club for dogs, and different cats were judged on various standards.

“It’s a lot of community awareness about the different breeds of the cats that we have,” said Thostensen.

Cat lovers from all over came out to see what the Springtime in the Ozarks cat show, is all about.

“Yes, my shirt. So this is one of my cats. her name is Gypsum we name all our cats after minerals or elements, and my roommates, our cousins got us this shirt, and I love it,” said Jadeth James, a Joplin resident who came to the event wearing a shirt of her cat. 

Jadeth James loves cats, especially her own, but says she was also able to learn more about different cat breeds.

“Oh, the cats are gorgeous. and I have been so impressed…the Siamese are my favorites.”

Tyler Binkley came from Milan, Missouri to check out some cats he’s never seen.

“It’s really cool. There’s lots of different breeds some that we’ve never seen before. There’s some flocks of long-haired ones and really big ones. Little small and short-haired ones, skinny ones. So there’s a lot of cats to see,” Binkley said. 

With over one hundred cats at the show, attendees got a better understanding of the world of pedigree cats, and all the different breeds out there. 

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