PSU announces new president

PITTSBURG, Kans. — Once Pittsburg State President, Dr. Steve Scott announced his retirement, the search was on to find his replacement.

That was November. 5-months later, his replacement was introduced today.

“I, the motion carries, Gorilla Nation let’s welcome Dr. Daniel Shipp as the 10th president of Pittsburg State University and his family to the stage.”

On Friday, Dr. Daniel Shipp and his family were introduced to Pitt State. Dr. Shipp has spent years at University of Nebraska Omaha and University of Nebraska Medical Center — where he spent his time leading initiatives to increase student enrollment.

“The background that Dr. Shipp had with student success, his accomplishments in that area really resonated with the Regents and we thought that’d be a great fit for Pitt State,” said Cheryl Harrison-Lee, Kansas Board of Regents Chair.

“So much of my work for the past decade has been focused on student success. It’s helping students learn both in and out of the classroom, that’s a priority to education, but to also to helping students get to the finish line and removing barriers, and we really made some progress, especially for our first generation and under-represented students in Nebraska. I take any student that doesn’t make it to the finish line personally, that’s the job, it’s the social contract of education that we’re all charged with, it’s why I got into education,” said Dr. Daniel Shipp, Incoming PSU President.

Now, Dr. Shipp hopes to get a deeper understanding of the community — building on the progress that’s come before him.

“This has been an amazing run from an amazing person, President Scott and the whole leadership team. You want to pick up the flow and understand what’s happening, what’s really working well, which there’s a lot, and then maybe where I can help,” continued Dr. Shipp.

“We all knew that there was going to be a change coming down the road and it’s nice to see a young family who genuinely seem excited to be here in Pittsburg, Kansas,” added Jon Bartlow, PSU Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations.

“We spent a lot of time, I go back years now to our family table ‘Where can you do the most good for the most people?’ and that’s here, so we couldn’t be more proud to be here,” said Dr. Shipp.

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