News to Know: Sen. Inhofe announces retirement, MSSU professor weighs in on the crisis in Ukraine, and a SEK church raises funds for T&D Donkey Rescue

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma’s U.S Senator, announced that he will step down before his six-year term is up. The 87-year-old senator is the ranking republican on the Senate Armed Services committee. He announced his decision Friday. The senator says he decided a few weeks ago to resign so he can spend time with his wife, Kay. Inhofe has held the seat since 1994, and his departure will trigger a special election for his replacement. Inhofe endorsed his chief of staff, Luke Holland, as his replacement. Holland says Inhofe did not attend a press event because the senator has “a mild case of covid”.  Find out how Inhofe’s resignation is shaking up GOP politics.

LIBERAL, Mo. – Located in Liberal, Missouri, T&D Donkey Rescue is a local non-profit organization that works to rescue and help neglected and abused donkeys in the area. But because they are a non-profit, they rely on support from the community to keep the mission alive. So the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Frontenac, Kansas held a scrapbooking event to raise money and awareness for the rescue organization.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The relationship between Ukraine and Russia goes back a long time. KOAM went to Missouri Southern to speak with doctor Rebecca Shriver — an Assistant Professor of History. Shriver says a lot of it goes back to the days of the Soviet Union, when Russia controlled Ukraine. But when the Soviet Union fell, many Ukrainians were hopeful that they would get their own independent nation.

JOPLIN, Mo. Ukraine seems far to us, but for some it hits closer to home. A local Joplin woman is one of these people. She worries for her family as Russia continues to invade her former home. Liliya Moos owns Adornable Embroidery and alterations in Joplin. She moved to Joplin from Ukraine in 1998. Moos says she still has many friends and family members in Ukraine. She just wants Ukrainians and those in surrounding countries to have peace and a normal life.  Read the full story here.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: In light of Russia invading Ukraine, restaurants across the country are showing solidarity by dropping Russian made vodkas and selling Ukrainian brands in their place. This morning we are asking if you think NATO and the EU should be involved… supporting Ukraine. Join our KOAM Facebook discussion and cast your vote on our KOAM InstaPoll @ koamnewsnow.com.


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