People’s Convoy nears Joplin; Sheriff Heath Winfrey estimates 1,000 trucks in Big Cabin

CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. — Sunday afternoon we spent time on SE330 CR overpass of I-44 near Big Cabin, Okla. as locals welcomed The People’s Convoy.

Sheriff Heath Winfrey of Craig County estimates the group to be about 1,000 trucks and vehicles. Organizers say many more. But that’s what they are planning for parking.

The convoy travels about 45 mph in the driving lane. Leaving the passing lane open for normal traffic flow.

“The Team here at the Craig County Sheriff’s Office has been working closely with area law enforcement agencies and event security personnel to safely assist The People’s Convoy as they travel through Craig County.

The People’s Convoy will be in the Vinita/Big Cabin area this evening (Sunday) thru tomorrow morning. This event may bring an influx of 1000 vehicles to our area, creating some challenges to the motoring public on Sunday late afternoon and Monday morning.” — Sheriff Heath Winfrey of Craig County

There is no official schedule but we believe they will roll out of Big Cabin about 8 – 9 a.m. and then arrive into the Joplin area around 10 – 11 a.m.

Most crowds are gathering on overpasses to welcome the convoy, or alongside the roadways.

It took nearly two hours for the convoy, estimated at eight miles long, to exit at Big Cabin and park.

Sheriff Winfrey is fully staffed with Oklahoma Highway Patrol assistance and neighboring agencies. However he says he anticipates a peaceful and lawful convoy.

More information from convoy organizers on their mission is available here on KOAM News Now.



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