“Ice Bowl” offers fun activity while helping out area organization

PITTSBURG, Kan.–The weather throughout the region the past few days made conditions perfect for one disc golf organization.

On Saturday, the group held its annual charity event to kick things off. this year, proceeds will go to Wesley House.  

“Our annual charity event called the ice bowl in this kind of event that, many clubs around the nation run, and it’s kind of that start off to get ready for the disc golf season,” said John Juarez Garcia, President of the Pittsburg Disc Golf Club. 

They call it the ice bowl for a reason, and Saturday’s weather really proved it. 

“So the ice bowl has its name because it’s predominantly played in the colder weather. And so usually kind of the disc golf off-season is from November to February. So that’s when a lot of local clubs will hold theirs. We’ve always held ours in February. Kind of a fun fact, in all the years we have run the Ice Bowl this is the actual first time that we’ve actually had snow and that icy weather.”

The club’s members are made up of people young and old. One member says it’s something he didn’t really get that into until the pandemic. 

“My son and his friends started playing. I thought it was one of the goofiest things I’d ever seen in my life. They convinced me to bring the dog out and go for a walk. And one thing led to another and now I am just hooked”, said Jene McCloud, a Disc Golf player. “People got tired of being cooped up inside, and this golf is one of the few things you can do outside with a mask, without a mask”

It’s a sport that’s really, just about having fun.

“The motto for the ice bowl is no wimps, no whiners. Come out, have fun,” said McCloud. 

Anyone who wished to participate could either bring five canned goods or pay $10, all proceeds went to Wesley House.

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