Crafters join forces to help at-risk donkeys

FRONTENAC, Ks. — T&D Donkey Rescue held its first “Crafters Retreat – Organized Play” fundraiser, also known as a CROP event.

Here, crafters had the chance to reserve a spot to help the non-profit, which specializes in helping at-risk, neglected or abused donkeys.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be going towards the medical bills for Abby the mammoth donkey who has a mass on her left hind foot.

“I have a group of friends that are scrap bookers, we’re called the “Sassy Sisters,” and we were talking about different fundraisers we could do for the rescue,” says Angie Hadley, T&D Donkey Rescue Volunteer, “A lot of us attend CROPs. So we decided, let’s try this, it will be our first annual CROP, and we’ll see how it goes and if we can get people to come.”

“This has been such an overwhelming experience, we’ve never done a CROP event, so this has been amazing. All of these people have been really supportive, and we’ve had nothing but a blast,” says Deanna Kohley, T&D Donkey Rescue President and Founder.

Since 2013 the non-profit has been able to support over 500 donkeys.

Even if you weren’t able to make it out there this weekend, donations are accepted year-round.

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