Ukrainian native in Joplin fears for family back home

JOPLIN, Mo.–Liliya Moos, owns Adornable embroidery and alterations in Joplin, a native of Odesa Ukraine, her heritage is clear as soon as you walk through the door. All that she’s been able to think about recently…her family in Ukraine’s safety.

“They bombing my city, I call my friends and my relatives. they call my cousin when he says building shake windows so we think we were also windows so they put like in whatever to you know this is tape on windows, cars start to have alarm and so then what has happened and it’s a long boom, second boom, … so scary, very scary.”

Moos moved to Joplin in 1998 to be with her husband who’s from here. She still has relatives and friends, not only in Ukraine but in Russia as well. 

“I have relatives, a lot of relatives, and a lot of friends from both sides. In both sides…Ukraine goes to war-oriented to the democracy. Russia basically goes to the dictator and I think this is what’s the biggest problem between politics in both our two countries.”

Amid Russia’s invasion of her home, Moos prays for peace and normal life for everyone.

“People want on both sides. They want peace. They want regular life. They want to go to work. They want to go home and be with their families and, you know, just normal, peaceful life, both sides.”

And by having it known in her store that she supports the Ukrainian people–her people, she hopes to bring more awareness about Russia’s invasion to people in Joplin.

“Now, everybody knows that it’s Ukraine. It’s not Russia. It’s a different country and people, they like to be independent. They like to be entrepreneurs…they’re hard-working people, very hard-working people. And they want to protect what they have.”

Moos said she hopes to see president Biden take a more aggressive stance to protect Ukraine.


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