Train derailment blocks W 20th and S Roosevelt in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. – A train derailment along MNA (Missouri Northern Arkansas) tracks blocks traffic near 20th Street at Roosevelt.

According to the Joplin Police Department, Rosevelt is blocked just north of 20th. They’re not sure how long the train will be across the road but believes a 3 to a 4-hour minimum. JPD states the railroad is evaluating a train derailment.

KOAM Image

On scene we learn the derailment is a few cars in the rail yard between Junge and W 20th. They halt the train so as additional cars don’t follow those few off the rails currently.

No cars have toppled over. There are no injuries.

Adjust travel plans as you leave work this afternoon to avoid W 20th.

This is a developing news story. Stay with Joplin News First on KOAM News Now as we continue to learn more. Find updates here.

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