Move over and slow down, the law in all states; Highway patrol vehicles slammed on interstate

JOPLIN, Mo. – In separate crashes in separate states, highway patrol officers vehicles were struck in recent hours.  Both states, Missouri and Oklahoma remind, slow down and move over.

Since 2012 in Missouri the Move Over Law has required drivers to move to the side, away from emergency lights. And in recent years it has become national law endorsed by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Slow down, move over, when you see lights from any vehicle.

Missouri’s law directs motorists to proceed with caution and yield the right-of-way when possible upon approaching a stationary vehicle displaying lighted red or red and blue lights, or a stationary vehicle displaying lighted amber or amber and white lights. Drivers should change lanes away from the stationary vehicle if the roadway has at least two lanes traveling the same direction. When changing lanes is not possible, motorists are directed to reduce their speed, while maintaining a safe speed for road conditions, when traveling past these vehicles.” – Missouri State Highway Patrol


We say this frequently but especially in this current weather – slow down and move over for flashing lights!  Our trooper was working a minor crash around 4:30 this morning on I-35. A vehicle slid into the back of the trooper’s unit. Then another vehicle slid into that one. Fortunately, our trooper was not in his vehicle and he was unharmed. Everyone stay safe out there today!”


While stopped for a previous crash, a patrol car was struck on I-70 this morning. Luckily, the trooper was not injured. Road conditions are deteriorating as the second wave of winter weather moves across the state. Avoid non essential travel. If you must travel – SLOW DOWN and use extra caution.”

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