Kansas museum exhibit to highlight Belgian ancestry; How to help

FRANKLIN, Kans. — A southeast Kansas museum is looking for help in highlighting ancestry.

The Miner’s Hall Museum in Franklin would like anyone with Belgian links to help with its upcoming exhibit.

The facility focuses on a different culture every year, based on people who immigrated to southeast Kansas. France and Italy have been highlighted in the past.

Contributions could be things like artifacts, traditions — even memories.

“More importantly we’re looking for people to help host the exhibit or people who would like to speak about their family or their relation to our area. Because it’s part of our heritage, we are all immigrants, unless you’re Native American, you’re an immigrant, and that’s who we are and we need to keep that alive,” said, Ron Pommier, Miner’s Hall Museum Collections Manager.

The exhibit will be on display from October through December. Anyone wanting to contribute is asked to contact the museum here.

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