US Awards receive honorable award for their service to the Pittsburg area

PITTSBURG, Kans. ā€” Rex Crowley spent several years working to make the Pittsburg community a better place.

He spent countless hours volunteering and giving back to Pittsburg State University, and since 2005 the school has been honoring Crowley’s legacy.

“There were four brothers that grew up in Frontenac from very humble beginnings, and they started this awards business and it’s grown ever since 1953,” said Joe Dellasega, US Awards President.

Since his dad, Charles, started the business, Joe Dellasega and his sons have taken the reigns at US Awards. Through the family’s continued efforts the company has become an integral part of the Pittsburg Community.

It’s also why US Awards has been given the “Rex Crowley Outstanding Partners in Progress” award.

“Rex Crowley was good friends with my father and many people here that were involved with US Awards, so it was a real honor to get that call and hear we were going to receive some recognition for our service.”

The company has consistently worked to support the community.

“Especially during COVID, they jumped in with Miller’s Professional Imaging. They jumped in and helped create masks, had new oppurtunities to get new machines to help create these items for us,” said Kati Karleskint, PSU Director of Annual Giving.

“I’m so proud of our workforce for the way that they came in and they came to work and they learned new processes and we brought in part-time people,” said Dellasega.

While offering opportunities to the next generation at Pittsburg State University.

“They get an internship, they get the oppurtunity to work with great invididuals who learned during their time at Pitt State. They continue to give that oppurtunity to others,” added Karleskint.

“It’s just something that we grew up doing was giving back and trying to do what we could to take what was a great foundation that we were given and hopefully make it a little bit better so that the next generation can have some of the opportunities that we’re having,” said Dellasega.

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