Global Jazz legend is performing in the Joplin area, teaching at MSSU

JOPLIN, Mo. — A globally recognized musician is coming back to his roots, sharing his love of Jazz in Joplin.

Charles McPherson was born in Joplin and now he’s teaching others and hoping to reconnect with family and friends.

“I got relatives in Kansas, and they’re coming up so I’ve got relatives, friends, you know? So that’s nice. It kind of be like a concert, family reunion. And then there are people that that are still around that I went to school with,” said Charles McPherson.

Decades ago. Joplin native Charles McPherson moved away in 1948 at the age of nine.

Now he’s back and sharing his love of Jazz through a master class at Missouri Southern.

“With this musical instruments physicality, craft, but art is like how do you use craft to express the human condition? That’s what art is,” said McPherson.

McPherson started playing jazz professionally at the age of 19, touring venues and jazz halls around the world. But that path hasn’t included Joplin until now.

“The first time since 1948. Yeah, I pass through here as an adult but I’ve never played here and never stayed here. So just passing through going from point A to point B. So I’m here for that.”

McPherson will also be performing during his stay in town, including a free show at Central Christian Center tomorrow night.

Reservations are recommended for the show. To book yours follow this link.

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