Four State Record Show returns for 3rd year

CARTHAGE, Mo.–People from all over the four states checked out records, both old and new at the Four State Record Show.

But it’s much more than that. They’re part of a bigger community of collectors.

“The vinyl community’s been building for about ten or twelve years now. it’s gaining popularity,…so a lot of people of all ages are coming out and buying records that tend to find the holy grail type items here that people will bring that they’ve been hunting online. maybe in a lot of times, you’ll find those items here,” said Lynn Brennfoerder, Co-Host of the Four State Record Show.

The four-state record show brought people from northwest Arkansas, all the way through Ottawa Kansas, like Sean Dickinson with the Ampersand Vinyl.

“For me, I do this every week, so my business, as I do pop up record shows and usually brewery is coffee shops kind of in small towns where they don’t have access to record shops. and so shows like this, I guess, allow me to have a larger audience and you’re really going to get the word out there,” Dickinson said.

It wasn’t just records that were on display either. All kinds of collector’s items were shown off for people to browse and buy.

“We have dealers that have CDs, tape, vinyl collectibles and for sale. we do have occasionally some customers who will bring things in that they won’t have appraised or try to sell when they’re here, but it’s mostly a selling event,” said Brennfoerder.

The appeal of listening to music on vinyl is that the experience is unlike anything else.

“It’s just kind of a fun way to listen to music,” said Dickinson. “I have two kids. we listen to music every day. It makes you listen to the whole record rather than just hearing a song and clicking on to the next song. And so it’s really just a better way to experience music.”

With people coming to the event from all over, attendees had the chance to listen to something new.

“We like getting other dealers together from across the four states, we’ve got one from texas. even so, getting them together, they bring some things that maybe you don’t usually see in this area. you might get more jazz out of Kansas City or more blues out of Arkansas, so it’s a good opportunity to get people together twice a year,” Brennfoerder said.

The four-state record show will be back in Carthage on Saturday July 30th.

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