Joplin Library open despite school closings

JOPLIN, Mo. — Even though many area schools canceled on Thursday, that doesn’t automatically mean the Joplin Library would do the same.

And as it turned out, they didn’t. Children’s Storytime went off without a hitch and there was even a blood drive that took place.

On days the facility is open, Library Director Jeana Gockley says parents and their kids can take advantage of the internet access and WiFi in case they don’t have it at home and need it to do their school work.

“So today is a good example of us not following what the school districts around town are doing. We always try to be very diligent about going out and checking what’s going on. We think it’s really important to try and get the Library doors open as much as possible. We have a lot of people that depend on the Library services,” said Gockley.

Gockley says the best way to find out if the library is open on days like today is to check their Facebook page.

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