Fourth suspect pleads guilty in Lawrence Co murder case

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. — A fourth suspect has plead guilty in a Lawrence County murder case.

Kimberly Henderson

On Tuesday, Kimberly Henderson plead guilty to First Degree Robbery charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. As a result of the plea deal, several other charges, including first degree murder were dropped against her.

Henderson is one of nine suspects charged in the 2020 death of 27-year-old Sarah Pasco.

Pasco’s body was found in a well in Lawrence County. She had been shot in the head. Another woman told authorities they had been forced into a well and then shot. She said she played dead until the suspects left.

Three other suspects have already reached plea deals in this case – on Jan. 27th Gary Wayne Hunter and Diona Parks were sentenced. Several days later Christina Knapp was also sentenced. Five others have court dates over the next several weeks.

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