News to Know: OKC luxury apartment complex fire under investigation, Missouri redistricting plan in talks, and ‘endemic’ explained

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Investigators begin digging through rubble to determine the cause of the massive fire that smoldered for four days and engulfed a $65-million dollar luxury apartment complex in Oklahoma City that had been under construction. At least 80 firefighters, working in six-hour rotations, were called in to help extinguish the blaze that began on Tuesday at the 326-unit complex. No injuries were reported. Oklahoma City firefighters were helped in their efforts to put out lingering flames by demolition crews, who cleared areas and allowed access to hotspots. The luxury apartment complex had been scheduled to open sometime in the spring.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The leader of the Missouri Senate says he is trying to find a “magic path” to an agreement on a congressional redistricting plan for his state. The senate met in a rare Saturday session as a filibuster by a conservative coalition continued. Republicans hold six of the eight U.S. House seats. A redistricting plan passed by the Missouri house is projected to continue that. But conservative senators are pushing for a map that could give Republicans a shot at seven seats.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The covid pandemic has been part of our lives for nearly two years now, but we’re seeing signs of a transition to an endemic. The word ‘endemic’ has been appearing more lately as the CDC continues to alter guidance related to the covid-19 pandemic. An endemic is a disease outbreak that’s consistently present, but limited to a particular region. Jessica Liberty with Freeman Health System in Joplin says hope is on the horizon. Liberty says covid hospitalization numbers are down at Freeman and she’s hopeful that trend will continue as we move past the omicron spike.

Chris Warner takes a deeper look at what it takes for covid-19 to transition from a pandemic, to an endemic.

PITTSBURGS, Kan. – Monday was Valentine’http://We take a look at what it takes for COVID-19 to transition from a pandemic, to an endemics Day and couples across the four states showed their love for one another. That includes Jeremy and Debby Johnson who are celebrating 31 years of marriage this year. Jeremy wanted to do something special so he took Debby to their favorite restaurant, The Mall Deli, in Pittsburg’s Meadowbrook Mall, wearing the same tuxedo he wore for their wedding. The mall deli is where Jeremy gave Debby a promise ring in 1990, and he gave her a new one this year. Jeremy and Debby also sat in the same spot at Mall Deli, where they did all those years ago.  Watch the full story here.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: The national retail federation expects Valentine’s Day spending to reach nearly $24 Billion this year… on average about $175 per person. This morning we’re asking, from the food to the gifts to the special activities, how much did you spend on your sweetheart(s) this year? Join our KOAM Facebook discussion and cast your vote @ koamnewsnow.com/vote.

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