Two teens arrested in Parsons business burglary

PARSONS, Kans. — Two 15-year-olds were taken into custody after being spotted trespassing in a closed business.

Early Friday morning, a clerk with R&P’s Gas Station in Parsons noticed two unknown individuals within the closed business. After calling 911 a Parsons Police Officer K-9 Unit arrived and contained the two suspects inside the business until additional officers showed up.

Without further incident the two teenagers were taken into custody. While both are residents of Parsons police are not releasing their names due their ages (15). One of the teens was already on juvenile probation in Neosho County.

According to a release from PPD, one of the teens was in possession of a “realistic looking handgun” that was actually a BB gun. During their arrest, the suspect put the weapon down as officers entered.

Police recovered around $2,700 worth of cash and property from the suspects. They also noted a “lot” of tobacco and vaping products were also stolen but returned by authorities.

“Here’s an incident that could have easily gone from bad to worse if that juvenile had turned or pointed that very realistic BB gun in the direction of the officers,” said Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd.

“We’ve seen several incidents around the country where a police officer is confronted by a realistic BB or Air Soft pellet gun but a suspect, and the result has been an officer using deadly force. In this day and age, many BB and Air Soft weapons are not distinguishable from a regular firearm until they are inspected. Fortunately, today, the suspect put his weapon down, but that still makes it a crime to be armed.”

Suspect #1 (gun carrier) is facing charges for:

  • Non-Residential Burglary (Felony)
  • Criminal Damage to Property (Felony)
  • Theft (Felony)
  • Criminal Carrying of a Weapon (Misdemeanor)

Suspect #1 is facing charges for:

  • Non-Residential Burglary (Felony)
  • Criminal Damage to Property (Felony)
  • Theft (Felony)


Both suspects have been transferred to the Southeast Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Girard.

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