Explainer: What was in the sky tonight? Space X Falcon 9 lift off from Cape Canaveral

JOPLIN, Mo. – Many people saw above the sky this evening an odd looking, swirling cloud.  It was the trail of a SpaceX Falcon 9 COSMO SkyMed FM2 Mission that took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

This Falcon 9 rocket will launch an Italian observer satellite.

People across the Midwest were able to view it including here in the Joplin area.

Mountain Grove Fire Dept release details so people in their district know what was going on, “Exhaust left from the Space X launch in the atmosphere. If you have some photos fill free to share. These are from various places but it’s been seen across the US.”

You can watch it below on the Livestream of the launch from Space X.  The amazing thing to watch is not only lift off but also touchdown of the booster rockets.  They return to earth and land upright on the launch pad.


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