The pandemic has taken a serious toll on mental health

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kans. — Community Mental Health Centers across Kansas are looking to ease pandemic anxiety.

The Crawford County Mental Health Center is offering more options than ever to help. In fact, it’s now offering zoom therapy and telephone visits.

“Services are easier than ever to get into. We are still offering in-person services so if that’s important to you it’s still an option,” said Amy Goines, Clinical Director of Crawford County Mental Health Center.

During the pandemic the CCMHC is seeing more teachers and school district employees coming in for therapy.

“Because of the added stress the pandemic puts on their work load. So they might have to be remote teaching and worrying about the students in front of them. Remote learning has really impacted our students. There are some students who don’t do well not socializing with others,” said Goines.

The center has hired more case managers to provide services in schools and one therapist to shorten wait times.

She says the biggest things they have been seeing is depression, isolation, and grief.

“Grief can come in different forms. It isn’t just the death of an individual but it can be the loss of something. I’ve heard of people losing housing because of job loss,” said Goines.

Goines says focusing on things you can control can ease pandemic related anxiety.

“Did I take a break and go outside today? Did I get 40 minutes of some type of exercise? Did I make good choices in my nutrition and things like wellness? Employment is something you can change, or looking for different housing,” added Goines.

Community Mental Health Centers charge based on income and the number of people you support.

To make an appointment you can call the local 24-hour hotline number for Crawford County Mental Health Center at 1-620-232-SAVE or visit their website by following this link.

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