Lawsuit against Second Amendment Preservation Act gains Missouri Police Chief's support

MISSOURI — Dozens of Missouri Police Chief’s are supporting a lawsuit involving a new state law that forbids law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act went into effect last August.

Carl Junction Police Chief, Mark McCall, says it’s causing issues for his department because he can’t hire anyone who’s been on a federal task force.

The law also restricts local law enforcement from tracking guns or assisting with task forces.

“The problem is our state computer ties in with the national computer when we try to run serial numbers or anything. So that’s where the conflict comes into place. So we would like to get it cleared up because right now there’s a possibility of being sued by third parties,” said Chief McCall.

If there’s a perceived violation a third party can sue a violating agency for $50,000 per incident.

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