Friday Blog: Lets look at snow chances. -Doug

I hope you have had a great week and hopefully staying healthy.  It seems like everyone has covid, flu, sinus stuff or stomach bug.  So I hope you are staying healthy.  Alright, lets jump into Friday.  Cloudy all day but temperatures still into the mid 50s.

As we work into the evening hours, rain will start to increase.  Mainly after 9pm.

Snow really starts to work in after midnight.  This will be a wet snow and the ground is warm and temperatures will be near freezing.  So this means it really needs to come down hard to cause big issues on the roads.  Bands of wet snow continue into the early morning hours.

By late morning, our last band will rotate in.

Most of the light snow will start to rotate out by early evening.  So here is what I am thinking.

I am looking forward to see the Friday midday data as this storm gets much closer.  I think most of the KS and OK side will be an inch or less.  MO and AR 1-3″ but the potential to go higher on the MO side but staying steady right now.  Much heavier snows once you work farther east.  Long range forecast is below.



Jan. 19th-22nd: Cool all week. Rain chances Wednesday and a little snow possible Thursday.

Jan. 23rd-29th:  Cool for the first half of the week before we warm up Thursday and Friday with rain chances. Colder by the weekend.

Jan 30th-Feb 5th:  Cool the first half of the week but a mild second half of the week.  Slight rain chances on Thursday and Saturday.

Feb 6th-12th:  Mainly a cool week with rain chances Monday and snow chances on Tuesday.  Thunderstorms and mild temperatures by the weekend.

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