Staying dry & warming back up for Monday – Nick

Good Sunday evening, everyone. After dealing with a cloudy Saturday and start to our day with areas of drizzle and light rain, it was certainly nice to see sunshine return late this morning and into the afternoon. However, temperatures went in the wrong direction today. Once we saw highs in the lower 50s on Saturday, we had midnight highs around 48° before we dropped back into the lower 30s this morning. Even with the returning sun, we only saw afternoon temperatures climb back into the upper 30s across the area.

Fortunately, our temperatures are ready to head back up as we get the new work/school week underway. Now that our last cold front is well to the east and getting ready to work into the Atlantic, we’re sitting underneath a quiet setup with no immediate systems at the surface on the way.

Upstairs, the upper-level wave that brought in the colder air today is now moving across the Ohio River Valley. You also can’t help but notice the upper-level ridge out to our west. Even though the ridge will weaken as we go into Monday, the energy from that will push the jet stream back on top of the region and eventually just to the north of the region through the middle of the week. That change in the jet stream setup will definitely help temperatures go back up for this week.

Before we see temperatures jump back up for Monday, we just have to get past another cold night and cold start to our Monday morning. Even though the skies will stay clear and the breeze will stay light out of the southwest, that setup will let temperatures drop back near 19° in Joplin, Areas outside of the city will range between the upper teens and lower 20s to get your day started.

Once we get the sun back, that’s when temperatures will also go back up. Even though the light breeze will shift out of the west and northwest during the afternoon, that won’t stop us from getting near 41° by noon and into the middle 40s for afternoon highs.

Looking beyond Monday, the jet stream will shift just to the north of the region for the middle of the week. With sunny skies Tuesday, mostly sunny skies Wednesday and partly sunny skies for Thursday, that means temperatures will have no problem pushing back into the middle to upper 50s. Not only that, our weather will stay quiet during the middle of this week.

Sticking with Doug’s pattern, we’ll still keep an eye on our next storm system by the time the upcoming weekend gets going. We’ll start Friday out with mostly cloudy skies across the area. Despite that and some possible showers sneaking in during the afternoon, it will still be a chilly but above normal day with highs pushing into the upper 50s.

With the backside of that system around going into Saturday morning, the dropping temperatures could allow some of these rain chances to get a little bit of snow mixed in. Since we are still several days out from this, we still have plenty of time to watch this. One thing with this setup that we can count on is temperatures in the upper 30s for Saturday afternoon.

After a cold Saturday, we’ll end the upcoming weekend with partly sunny skies and highs back in the lower to middle 40s for Sunday. Doug has you covered with his long range forecast out through much of February down below. Have a good night and a great Monday!


Jan. 16th-22nd: Mainly a cold week as the arctic air will continue to flirt with us.  Slight chances for snow on Monday and then again Wednesday.  Rain or snow chances as well on Friday, but these are all weaker waves so we will have to see if anything can come together.

Jan. 23rd-29th:  A chilly start but right back to mild early in the week.  Slight rain chances on Monday but better chances for rain or snow on Friday as we cool back down.

Jan 30th-Feb 5th:  Cool the first half of the week but a mild second half of the week.  Slight rain chances on Thursday and Saturday.

Feb 6th-12th:  Mainly a cool week with rain chances Monday and snow chances on Tuesday.  Thunderstorms and mild temperatures by the weekend.

Feb 13th-19th:  Sunday turning colder with rain or snow chances.  Warming through the week with thunderstorms Thursday and Friday with colder air working in that could finish with snow.

Feb 20th-26:  Mainly a cool and dry week with rain and snow chances on Thursday.

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