Quapaw nation begins Communities for Immunity initiative

QUAPAW, Ok. — The latest efforts are underway at the Quapaw Nation Library and Museum to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Saturday was the first of four COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the Robert Whitebird Cultural Center.

The clinics are part of the Communities for Immunity initiative.
The project was made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

As part of the efforts to increase vaccination rates, the library and museum are working to staff a hotline to answer any questions on the vaccine.

“The hesitancy rate is so high because so many people don’t understand or don’t fully understand the benefits or the necessity to get the vaccine. It’s no different than the flu vaccine, mumps, measels, rubella, I think we need to protect ourselves,” says Pattie Billings, Quapaw Nation Library Director.

The next clinic is scheduled for February 8th.

Transportation to and from the clinic can be arranged if needed.

More information about the clinics can be found here.

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