Snow leads to slick roads, hazardous driving conditions

JOPLIN, Mo. – While the snow has passed the area and in some cases, is beginning to melt on roads, that doesn’t mean the danger has ended.

Snow fell across the four-states today leading to slick roads and some hazardous driving conditions this morning. Now, the sun is starting to come out and combined with plows and traffic, roads are beginning to clear up a bit. But temperatures well below freezing have left many side roads still covered in snow and could lead to refreezing of melted snow on main roads.

Officials with MoDOT tell KOAM that their crews have been making progress throughout the day, however, refreezing is a concern heading into the evening hours as the sun goes down and traffic lets up. Steve Campbell, MoDOT’s Southwest District Engineer says “…our crews have accomplished a lot so far, but, looking at what the forecasted temperatures are for the night, we’re obviously going to see some refreezing.”

In Joplin, a number of the main roads cleared out as traffic increased and the sun broke through the clouds. But that melting combined with dropping temperatures could make roads hazardous again through the overnight hours. Earlier this morning, there was still some slush on roads in the city as plow crews worked to clear off all they could.

However, as you can see in some of this video, the roads have a bit of a shine to them, from all the melted snow. That water on the roads could refreeze through the night, causing icy conditions and black ice, which is ice you may not see until you’re sliding on it.

Steve Campbell says “Be aware of that, if you have to get out, if you don’t have to drive, don’t drive, but, if you find yourself driving, regardless of the category of road you’re on, you could, you could encounter something like that, so I think drive accordingly, slow yourself down, give yourself plenty of time.”

Now, it goes without saying the conditions are the same across state lines in Kansas. According to kandrive.org, the state’s road conditions website, most roads in southeast Kansas were back to ‘seasonal’ conditions.

However, officials have the same concerns about roads refreezing. They’re continuing to urge drivers to take it slow and safe. Priscilla Petersen with KDOT says “I’d just say for the traveling public just because it doesn’t seem significant doesn’t mean it can’t be treacherous, so they just need, people just really need to slow down out there and take their time, and down crowd the snowplows.”

You can find all the latest road conditions for wherever you’re going by click here.

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