News to Know (1/6/21)

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – Nearly six years after a Miami, Oklahoma man stabbed an elderly man and doused him with bleach, he learns his sentence. On Tuesday a judge sentenced Brian Waterman to 36-years in prison for attempted murder and aggravated kidnapping. In 2016, Waterman broke into a Baxter Springs, Kansas home, repeatedly stabbed the resident 78-year old Bob Hopkins, then poured bleach on him. Hopkins survived the attack. Jurors convicted Waterman this past November.

GROVE, Okla. – U.S Marshals capture a Grove, Oklahoma woman who was considered a Most-Wanted suspect. Authorities Wednesday morning arrested Heather Griffith near Grove. Griffith was wanted for violating her probation after pleading guilty to stabbing a woman at a hotel in Grove in November.

JOPLIN, Mo. – As temperatures drop there’s concern for the area’s homeless population and capacity at local shelters. While there was some concern that local shelters were at capacity, that isn’t the case. At Soul’s Harbor the housing units are full, but the shelter is still able to house people. The executive director at Souls Harbor says they can house up to 35 people on a regular basis. When they reach that limit, they send people to their overflow unit.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Alliance of Southwest Missouri is connecting area non-profits with the tools and people they need to serve the community. They’ve created a Facebook page called Community Resources for Nonprofit Professionals. It’s a forum for nonprofits to view job listings, classes, funding opportunities and more.

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