Hikers begin 2022 at George Washington Carver National Monument

DIAMOND, Mo. — The new year started with a hike at the George Washington Carver National Monument.

Hikers bundled up and braced sub-zero wind chills to participate in one of their favorite activities this morning and got to explore some lesser-known areas of the park.

This is the third year for the New Year Boundary Trail Hike, held on January 2nd because the park is closed New Year’s Day.

“I like the quiet,” said supervisory park ranger Randall Becker. “I like the people that come out here. It’s a beautiful day for it. I enjoy the cold, so it’s good to get out into the crisp air and enjoy nature.”

“Just layer up,” said hiker Kenneth Bogle. “It’s all about layers. Get outside and enjoy the weather no matter what it is. It’s a beautiful day still.”

The park also offers another boundary trail hike on June 5 for National Trails Day.

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