Freeman Health System welcomes its first baby of 2022

JOPLIN, Mo. — Freeman Health System is welcoming its first baby of 2022.

Sarah and Gregory Draper welcomed their first daughter Thyri Draper at 10:39 Saturday morning.

She weighs seven pounds and 19 and a half inches long.

To celebrate the occasion Freeman health system gave thyri’s parents a gift basket filled with baby clothes and toys.

“We were so set on scarlet for the longest time. So if she was born with red hair like mine it would be Scarlett, but if she wasn’t it would be Thyri, and she’s got dark hair. I’m not sure what to look forward to except for playing hair and makeup and dress up honestly,” said Sarah Draper, Mom.

“I’m excited. That’s what I wanted. It’s kind of like where I wanted to end.” said Gregory Draper, Dad.

Thryi and her parents are planning on going home Sunday.

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