Cyber experts warn T-Mobile users of SIM card scam

JOPLIN, Mo. — Cyber security experts are warning T-Mobile users to be extra vigilant after a recent hack.

They say hackers have been swapping SIM cards, which gives scammers access to your text messages and phone calls.

This means hackers can intercept two form authentication text messages.

According to Stronghold data in Joplin — people should use an application like Google Authenticator” — Authy or Duo for push notifications.

“It seems like we are always impacted we always have to be on the defense and have other layers. So like I said two factor authentication is a fantastic level of defense to add. Its just we always have to be adding these because they are getting more and more common everyday,” said Joe Thomas, Director of Services for Stronghold Data.

Experts also say you should have at least 12 character passwords that are complex and they should be changed annually.

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