Miami woman scrambles after being evicted on short notice

MIAMI, Okla.–Denise Wyrick, a Miami resident, was getting ready to celebrate Christmas with her family when she received some heartbreaking news. 

“We got a knock on the door of the evening and my son answered it…and there was a man and he gave them this letter. for me, which was an eviction notice. And my son read it and he said, what’s going on?” Wyrick said.

It turned out to be Wyrick’s landlord, who she barely knew, telling her she and her family would need to vacate their home in two weeks.

“He says, well, I got evicted out of my house two days ago and been living in the car and you kind of got the short straw and this is what it is.”

Now, Wyrick says she and her family are scrambling to find a new place to live.

“I don’t know, but i’ve been packing frantically since I got this notice when my daughter took down the Christmas tree. She’s bawling her head off on the very day you got this notice, she went ahead and took it down because there’s no point in it. Our holidays were ruined. We’re not having a holiday, we’re not having Christmas, we’re not having new year’s. We’re nothing, you know, it’s done.”

Oklahoma Law

According to Oklahoma law, if you are terminating a month-to-month lease or evicting a tenant for any other reason than breaking a lease, you must give them a 30-day notice to move. Wyrick says her landlord only gave her 14.

“It’s not even legal, it’s wrong. It’s kind of cruel, actually, especially when they have a child. And, you know, Christmas is really for the children, and he stole her holiday, he stole her Christmas. This is something she’s never going to get back and it just makes me sad. I have been looking everywhere, I’ve been looking in all of the surrounding areas.”

She says The city’s court clerk repeated the state’s eviction law.

Now, she’s just looking for a place that will take her.

KOAM reached out to Wyrick’s landlord. He did not respond for comment.

You can watch this story tonight on KOAM News (12/30).

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