What to know about Joplin's upcoming use tax

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin shoppers will see a new tax added to online purchases starting this weekend.

The new use tax will be applied to internet totals starting this Saturday, January 1.

Joplin voters approved the tax at the ballot in November, adding 3.125%. Joplin city leaders expect to start seeing revenue from the tax in March, which will start funding the “Proposition Action” priority list. That includes economic development, reducing crime, and addressing homelessness.

The revenue generated from the use tax is estimated to be around $3-$4 million.

The use tax will apply to purchases made from out-of-state vendors and shipped to a location in Joplin, according to the City. This differs from a city sales tax which is paid when you purchase an item at a local store in Joplin.

However, this tax does not apply to online purchases from Missouri-based retailers – only those out-of-state.

The approximate percentage of the local use tax rate must also mirror the local sales tax rate, meaning, should the local sales tax rate increase or decrease, the use tax will follow to match.

More information can be found on the City of Joplin’s Use Tax FAQ webpage.

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