Lingering drought concerns for parts of the area

Looking at the Drought Tracker that was updated last Thursday, we still have some areas of concern that we’re watching. We did see a slight change for the better across southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. While we saw a few abnormally dry areas were found around the Missouri/Arkansas border and Table Rock Lake not too long ago, that has improved with the last update. We still, however, have some abnormally dry conditions for areas north and west of Stockton Lake on the Missouri side. Over into our corners of Kansas and Oklahoma, the dry conditions start to ramp up. While there’s abnormally dry conditions for our Kansas communities south of US 400 and west of 69 along the Oklahoma border, the dry conditions really ramp up once you get into Oklahoma. While our communities in Oklahoma around Grand Lake aren’t seeing any serious issues, we have areas of moderate to severe drought covering Washington County and parts of Nowata and Craig Counties. Since we did see rain this morning, we’ll see if that gets factored into the next update to the Drought Tracker on Thursday. If it does, hopefully it will bring some improvement to a good portion of the area.

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