Support from across the country helps make a Parsons Police Department dream a reality

PARSONS, Ks. — Since December 3, the Parsons Police Department has been working to bring those responsible for the murder of Ranger to justice.

The story has gained attention of people and organizations all over the country, showing their support for the department during this dark time.

It’s thanks to this support the department will soon see one of its dreams come true.

“The response to an incredibly heinous and dark and evil crime has been overwhelmingly supportive,” says Robert Spinks, Parsons Police Chief.

“Literally tens of thousands of social media postings with an outpouring of support.”

People from across the country have been rushing to the aid of the Parsons Police Department since the murder of Ranger earlier this month.

“I think we’re up to people offering about 30 plus puppies from across the United States to our staff,” says Spinks. “We have been receiving pledges to our reward fund.”

A reward now totaling $30,000.

And on top of other donations like portraits or pieces of the World Trade Center, non-profit K9s4Cops is helping develop the department.

“Generally that’s a grant process that is competitive, we’ve been greenlighted to receive funding for a second K9 unit.,” says Spinks, “We’re completing the paperwork on that. We had always wanted to expand our current K-9 unit to two dogs but honestly we had to raise funds to make things work to purchase Kareem our first K-9, and so we thought that was two years down the road before we would be able to get to our goal, we’re going to get to our goal in 2022.”

Until then the search continues to find Ranger’s killer — an effort the police department hopes the community can help with.

“We’re going to need the extra eyes and ears of people who may have seen something, maybe they don’t even realize is evidentiary at this point, anything out of the ordinary,” says Spinks.

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