Joplin Police are seeing a rise in theft

JOPLIN, Mo. — Local law enforcement are warning the community to think twice before putting the boxes of expensive items outside your home.

The Joplin Police Department says they see an increase in theft reports this time of the year because of a lot of deliveries.

Police say homeowners should put out boxes of any expensive items just before the garbage will be collected.

“Just like anything else, you want to keep the contents of your home as private as possible. Anytime you throw those big ticket items out there’s a possibility somebody could see that and make the assumption that that item is in your home. This time of the year we especially see an increase in stolen packages Amazon, UPS, US postal service, FedEx, all those delivery companies running constantly we do see an increase in that,” said Captain Nick Jimenez, Joplin Police Department.

Captain Jimenez says the best way to protect your home against a burglary is by having a video doorbell for security, adequate lighting outside your home and keeping a manicured property.

If you have a package stolen, contact the police department to file a report.

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