Cheesecake bidding war nets charity $2,000

MIAMI, Okla. – A social media post aimed at Miami Mayor Bless Parker is now blessing hundreds of residents.

On Christmas Eve, Parker’s mother who is renowned for making cherry cheesecakes for Christmas presents was mentioned in a post citing her overabundance of purchasing cream cheese and her son being the mayor.

Parker also responded on a social media site saying, he had no idea how much cream cheese she buys and “for years she has made cherry cheesecakes to give to many people in our community as Christmas presents,” the post read.

Later Parker announced on his personal social media page he was auctioning off one of his mother’s cherry cheesecakes with the proceeds going to the Ottawa County Salvation Army in Miami.

“Let’s turn a negative into a positive and raise some money,” Parker posted.

The bids started coming in.

A modest $20 bid, climbed within minutes to a $100 bid. That quickly jumped to $600.  At the conclusion of the bidding war, Gordon Williams, Jr. shelled out $1,500 with another $500 from donors netting the charity $2,000.

“I just believe in working for the benefit of a community,” Williams said.

Mayor Parker took an idea – refusing to verbally strike back, but thought outside of the box – and now so many people will be blessed by his actions, he said.

Parker’s posts were bombarded with praise from his constituents on how he downplayed the original post and turned it around for the betterment of Miami.  

Hours after the bidding war ended, Parker and Miami native and recording star Keith Anderson joined up for a blueberry cheesecake auction on Sunday afternoon.

“Keith Anderson is home from Nashville and will personally deliver the cheesecake to the winner,” Parker said.

Currently, the bidding is at $1,000 with several hours to go, he said.

“The proceeds will go to the Ottawa County Boys and Girls Club,” Parker said.

What about the disgruntled woman who called out the mayor.

Sadie Jenkins said her post with never about cream cheese but how “privileged” the woman felt about being the mayor’s mother and this entitled her to make the purchase, she said in a message.

“I am thrilled that me calling this attitude out has ended with a $2,000 donation being made to the Salvation Army,” Jenkins said in a message.

The cream cheese shortage can be traced partially to a cyberattack on Schreiber Foods, a Wisconsin-based business, and the biggest U.S. cheese manufacturer, according to Bloomberg, a financial news media service.

Hackers compromised its plants and distribution center combined with pandemic shortages, Bloomberg reported.

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